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Among the many ways to make money on the web today, forex is definitely one of the most attractive. For who has never approached the forex, it is in practice to gain on change in value of one currency over another. Let's take an example: let's say that the euro is quoted at 1.17 against the dollar. For any reason the euro's value is expected to fall, say at 1.1650. At this point I will sell euros to buy dollars when the euro is worth 1.17 $ and will buy them back when the euro is down to 1.1650. But how much do I earn? Should I move $ 1170 to earn 5? No. There is a particular tool, called leverage, that allows you to multiply the gains. We have leverage of 1: 500, 1: 1000, even 1: 3000. Now I'm not going to dwell on other terms such as take profit or stop loss; for this there are lots of free manuals on the net. Professional traders, but also many people who do not do it by profession, have managed to put aside really interesting gains! But with forex you can also lose. Around there are many advertisements showing people by smiling faces that prospettanoal player gains 2-3000 euro a day! It is possible, but difficult. And of course you can even lose it. A good percentage of traders suffer losses. So, how to do it? Many brokers provide a demo account for free. With a demo account you can have fun without spending anything and more can be experienced. And if you want to start trading seriously, you can take advantage of FBS that provides $ 50 to start trading with confidence.
The link for signing up for FBS is this:

In case you decide to take advantage of the 50 dollars made available to the broker, you must select the $ 50 bonus account, then you have to download the platform (free), which will be "Metatrader 4". In any case you will find instructions on the site.

You can earn even without trading!
In addition to trading, and perhaps this is more important for those who do not want to trade in forex or commodities, you can open a free partner account (select partner account instead of bonus account), get a referral link and earn on the operations of those who enter thanks to the link. Here we talk about more substantial amounts, you can even get to $ 3,000 in a month! A third possibility, reserved for the most experienced, is to copy their trading: you earn on the profits earned by the "copied" operations. Making money with the partner account is easy! The people who sign up through your link and will be active with forex will make you earn $ 10 for each "traded" lot. And a lot or more lots can be bought or sold even with just one operation! So that more people register on FBS through your link, the more you will have the chance to earn. In addition, FBS recognizes a monthly premium of $ 500 once certain targets have been met, and, finally, it also recognizes commissions on the second and third levels.

To register on FBS as a trader or partner, click here:

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